Engaged | Danielle & Travis

A few weeks ago our area was hit with some pretty heavy snow and ice. While most people were tucked into their blankets next to their fireplaces, this photographer was venturing out to find the best place to snap a few pictures. One would think my southern blood would hate the cold, and you’d probably be right, but my creative brain was so ready to find that perfect winter wonderland shot!

I’m sure you’re wondering what that has to do with these engagement photos so let me get to the point. Danielle reached out to me recently about engagement pictures for her and Travis. We decided we would wait a few weeks for some warmer weather. Then snowmageddon 2021 came about, and as I said before, I was out in the cold ready to take pictures. So what do I do? I messaged Danielle about my cray idea for a snowy engagement session instead, and to my surprise she said, YES!

This sweet couple bundled up, met me in literal 10 degree weather, wind chills of -9, and put on their best smiles. It wasn’t hard for them though. You could feel the love and joy between them!
We were able to capture some beautiful shots in a short amount of time… did I mention it was 10 degrees? The snowy setting was so perfect for these two. They may have been cold but it didn’t show one bit.

Congratulations you two! I wish you all the love and happiness in the world! 

Seriously y’all… does it get much dreamier than that?