Lisa Laree Photography Moved to Oklahoma

New Home, Who Dis?

Psst! Guess what?!?!

We moved! Military life is always bringing new adventures. You can now find us in Altus, Oklahoma. Never heard of it? Yeah, me neither. Find Oklahoma City on the map and then head about 2 hours southwest. If you hit Texas, you’ve gone too far. A quaint little spot, also known as “Mobility’s Hometown, tucked in the Wichita Mountains. 

What does this mean for LLP?

Well, it means all new locations, new sunsets, new opportunities. I know it’s been said that Oklahoma is so flat, but let me tell you that makes for some fabulous golden hour light. I can’t wait to share some of the spots I’ve scoped out around here. 

The move was an adventure to say the least. We spent lots of time in temporary housing, but have finally landed in our new home, safe and sound. Getting outside was our escape while we waited for our house. We found a “beach” (as my daughter would call it), mountains, and some beautiful fields that went on for miles. This place is magnificent!

In addition to new outdoor locations, I will be opening a small studio space within my home for some special sessions. I’m working on adding a client closet and more fun things to expand this business I love so much. Stay tuned for all the fun things coming your way!

xo, Laree