Hey! It’s me.

Well hello there!

Welcome to the blog! I’m kind of new at this, but I plan to use this space to share client photos and other fun things I feel like writing about.

For my first post, I thought I would share a little about myself and my family.

So if you’ve made your way to the “Meet Laree” section you probably already know how to say my name. It’s different. I used to hate it as a kid, but now I love it – except when the folks at a certain coffee shop say it wrong every.dang.time. Anyhoo, we are originally from Louisiana. My husband is in the Air Force which means moving a lot. We currently reside in the Midwest where the wind never stops blowing, and the people are truly the nicest around.

My oldest kiddo is a newly crowned teenager. He is not a huge fan of the camera anymore, but he indulges his mama every now and then. The youngest is 5 going on 15. The sass is strong with this one. She knows what she wants, and she is not afraid to tell you about it.

I didn’t start out in the field of photography. In fact, I studied nursing in college and worked as a L&D nurse before quitting to stay home with our kids. I’ve loved photography for many years. My parents gifted me a camera when our oldest was born. During the pandemic, I took a very special photography course taught by one of my dearest friends and rediscovered my love for this art.

And that has brought me to today… I jumped into this business because I love it! I love capturing the joy of all things people in the form of a photograph. My family is my favorite subject. These photos were taken with the timer, a remote shutter button, a good tripod, and a whole lotta luck! …BUT the joy and fun is very real and such a great memory.

I’m excited to share my photography adventures with you!