The mural walk

Hey friends! As the weather starts to warm up, I know we are all itching to get outside more. I am certainly ready for some backyard play, grilling, and opening my windows. With spring on the horizon (hopefully), I thought I would share a fun, FREE, local activity for those in the Wichita area… the mural walk!

I was inspired to go on this adventure last spring by the awesome ladies over at Wichita Moms.

Mamas if you haven’t checked out their site, you should head over there ASAP! It is a vast resource for local events, activities, and more, packed full of encouragement and some mom humor all curated by local mamas.

There are a handful of resources here and here that have maps and pictures of all the murals. We let the kids choose some of their favorites and stopped at each one to snap a few pictures. They had so much fun interacting with each mural! Mom and Dad also had a great time!

The mural walk is absolutely a great way to get out socially distanced, get some sunshine, and have some fun! Did I mention it was free?? How often do you find something that is enjoyable for the whole family, doesn’t involve screen time, AND IS FREE!?! Give me those activities any day!

As for this year, I’ve heard some new murals have been added to the list. I think a new adventure is in order!

I hope you can get out with your favorite people, take in some Vitamin C, and checkout all the beautiful artwork Wichita has to offer. If you snap some photos, be sure to tag me on Instagram @lisalareephotography.

I can’t wait to see the memories you make together!!